I didn’t think I would not finish this 365, and it makes me sad a bit because, summer 12’ was one of the best summer’s of my life! I want to restart my 365 again, once I get a better quality camera or I have something really interesting happening in my life. All my life consists of now is school and home, so kind of boring! Till then, ta ta.

Day Twenty Two & Twenty Three (no pics) -

My life has been kind of boring I guess because my schedule from now on is work from 8-1 then stay around the office or go home and nap. But I guess from yesterday (22), kids were still pretty innocent and there was really no trouble. Although as of today, I had to talk to two kids a lot and both had to be taken outside of the classroom for a reteaching. The kids are really bringing out their personalities now! I got to go volunteer with the staff to the beach today. I thought it would be fun but it was just really hectic with all the kids going here and there and not leaving me alone! Then again, I really like hanging out with the kids, they’re really fun and have funny stories. I do have some favorites already, but I will never show favoritism! Work tomorrow once again!

Day Nineteen, Twenty, Twenty One (Mass Entry!) -

On day nineteen, it was our last day of training and it was to basically meet the parents (which only the Vietnamese workers went to translate Vietnamese to the parents). It was pretty smooth although one of my parents didn’t show up. Afterwards was bonding with the staff by making two different entree’s, spring rolls and baked ziti! The staff broke into half and worked together by cooking together. It went really well and the food was really good! Everyone was having a fun time and there was a lot of bonding throughout the cooking ♥. We ate together and shared to each other what we enjoyed about training and such. I loved bonding and training with everyone! It was a very good experience (: Afterwards, Quynh (teacher), John (Assistant Counselor), and I finished setting our classroom, it’s so adorable! After that I waited around the office with team office. I finally learned how to use a copying machine! It’s fabulous LOL. Then Phi and I got a ride from Jessica to my house where my cousins picked us up and then we slept over their house and got baked potato grilled cheeses ♥.
Next day, it was pretty chill. We made canh chua and more baked potato grilled cheeses, it was absolutely delicious! Then my cousin, Diem, and I went to get pedicures/manicures at my mama’s work or my cousin’s friend’s place. I got a lilac color on my toes and mint green on my fingers, absolutely love the pastel trend ♥. Then we went home and I watched the recent episode of True Blood. I was absolutely upset that I have to wait till next week to see what happens, last episode was so good it made me mad ): 
The next day, it was the official first day of work! We had to be there by 7:45 and it messed up my sleep schedule and I was so tired when I woke up. Got there pretty early and tried to mingle with the kids. I had a bad first impression of the kids because they seemed kind of mean and awkward. Although after breakfast and classroom time, they turned out to be really good kids and I really enjoyed teaching alongside Quynh and our volunteer Nhan! Although teaching the same thing three times got boring, the kids were really cute! Then we took them to lunch and I got to know my kids better. Two kids got into an encounter, yet Nhan and I handled it pretty well! Then when they left, I ate lunch with JheRod! He loves my mum’s Vietnamese cooking (: Mum picked me up after and we went to nail supply! I got 4 nail polishes (all pastels and glitter! :D) Then Citizens Bank to get myself a checking account. I’m going to be a debit card carrier soon (‘: Then I went home, stole some of my neighbor’s food, and took a three hour nap. Pretty fantastic day I may say! Probably just going to shower and sleep soon because I’m still crazy tired! ): Tomorrow shall be excellent! 

Day Eighteen -

Another day of training! Came to training super early due to car rides with madre, so I just sat at the boss’s office and read a book lol. Training was super fun today! A LOT of information about everything and a lot of fun games! I learned more information on how to handle children with more needs or how to handle different behavioral issues. Today was much better than yesterday! My teacher and I got to decorate our classroom and it is super cute, although we were the last ones to finish our classroom nbd lol. After work, my cousin picked up Phi and I to go grocery shopping for tonight’s dinner! We made pork/veggie gyoza, mayo shrimp, and pork tonkatsu! I was pretty excited for the food although it was a big fail. My cousin used confectioners sugar instead of flour so everything was really sweet and weird lol. It wasn’t bad though with the sauce! Pretty good day actually, really excited for tomorrow’s last day of training! (:


Day Seventeen -

Sadly no pics! Didn’t have the chance to take anything interesting because of training! Went to training around 9ish and had the trainers talk to us about what is expected as a TA (teaching assistant) and what we’re going to have to put up with as a TA. It was kind of awkward at first, yet as the day went on it was really fun! Already seeing a good summer of work and kids! (: Training ended early, so got to go home early! Went to Tedeschi and Subways after because there was no food at home lol. Then went home and Nhu came over because I won’t be able to see her tomorrow for her birthday ): She opened her present which she loved! (hopefully LOL). Now I’m just chilling and preparing to go to bed for training tomorrow! Training for the next two days, totally ready.


Day Sixteen -

Got woken up by my sis flashing sun into our room! Had to get out of the room by 11 so got ready in a rush. Then we headed to the breakfast buffet, I forgot the name. Yet it was really good! I personally don’t really like breakfast food, but the food changed my mind! There was a guy making omelets that you can choose your own fillings, yum! Then we headed to the spa, which was located next to the pool. The spa is super nice! Has everything from soaps, hair dryers, basically everything a chick would need to get ready. My cousin, sis, and I went into the jacuzzi which only lasted a few minutes because the pool was super hot. We went to the pool most of the time. Then around 5 we started showering and getting ready to go meet up with everyone and get food. We got sandwiches and Ben & Jerry’s, delish. Then we went home, and I had to sit in the trunk, which I took a nap the whole ride so nbd! Now home with training tomorrow, and because it’s Fourth of July, there are fireworks everywhere. Especially on my street because it’s mainly Vietnamese bound, so lack of sleep shall be presented tomorrow. Well happy Fourth of July everyone!


Day Fifteen -

Showered then went to FunTea to pick up Teresa from school. Nhu was there so yay!  Then we went home and my cousin was already there to pick my sis and I up. We left to go to Radio Shack to get a cable to connect the laptop to the TV so we won’t have to pay to watch movies when we get to our room! Then we went back to my aunt’s house. Stayed there for two hours or so then headed up to the store to pick up my cousin to head to Foxwoods! We drove from 7:00ish to 8:30ish so we got to eat at the Festival Buffet on time. I haven’t been to the buffet in years and it sucked pretty bad. The only good items there was the stuffed shells and mashed potatoes w/ gravy lol. Desert looked pretty though! Then we headed back to the room and tried to hook up the wires to watch the Avengers, but it didn’t work because they said we weren’t allowed to do that LOL. So I ended up watching Spiderman 3, while everyone was asleep. Kept on waking up during the night because of my cousin’s boyfriend -__-. Good day though!


Day Fourteen -

Chilled at home first then headed out to Fields Corner library to renew my card and borrow books for summer reading. I found out that I never returned some DVDs so I have to go back home to find them before getting anymore books. I met up with Kenny at the library and then we went to Anh Hong to eat, it was so good! Afterwards we went back to my house to grab the DVDs and bring it back to the Fields Corner library. We decided to go to the Copley library because they have a wider selection of books. It took us forever to find books, yet I end up finding and getting 3/5  books out of my list. I’m actually pretty excited to read these books! Then we went to the building next to the library, which had really nice and interesting artwork. After we went to H&M/Victoria Secret to see what was there which I got someone a present for their birthday (: We just went home afterwards and my mama and I installed our new AC! It’s pretty nice and big. Now I’m just packing for Foxwoods tomorrow! So excited to spend time with the familia (:



Day Thirteen -

Chilled around the house till around 5-6 to go eat at the Hibachi Buffet with the neighbors. Rode and hung out with mostly Teresa because she’s the coolest 8th grader I know! We went with a big group of people so we got a whole section to ourselves! Although everyone was really hungry, it was one of the worst buffets ever created. The food was just oily and gross, and the sushi wasn’t fresh at all. Well you get what you paid for (10$ each). Afterwards we just went home and didn’t do much lol.


Day Twelve -

Stayed home today for a “do nothing day”, which I ended up ordering a lot of stuff online! 70% off clearance at Pacsun! So got awesome deals on items (: Then I saw that Papa Johns had a promotion that you get 50% off the whole order, which there was no food at home, so it was destiny! I got a cheese pizza with mushrooms and pepper flakes, with buffalo chicken strips. 11.60 well spent ♥. Then I helped my mama clean and rearrange the living room to fit the huge ac my aunt gave us, which ended up not working out because the ac required too many amps/electricity. So if we were to turn it on high, the lights would shut off, lolfail. At least we cleaned and threw away unnecessary stuff! Pretty chill day, more cleaning tomorrow though ):