Day Fourteen -

Chilled at home first then headed out to Fields Corner library to renew my card and borrow books for summer reading. I found out that I never returned some DVDs so I have to go back home to find them before getting anymore books. I met up with Kenny at the library and then we went to Anh Hong to eat, it was so good! Afterwards we went back to my house to grab the DVDs and bring it back to the Fields Corner library. We decided to go to the Copley library because they have a wider selection of books. It took us forever to find books, yet I end up finding and getting 3/5  books out of my list. I’m actually pretty excited to read these books! Then we went to the building next to the library, which had really nice and interesting artwork. After we went to H&M/Victoria Secret to see what was there which I got someone a present for their birthday (: We just went home afterwards and my mama and I installed our new AC! It’s pretty nice and big. Now I’m just packing for Foxwoods tomorrow! So excited to spend time with the familia (: